Kassem et al reported risk factors for medication errors related to outpatient pediatric prescriptions. These can help identify areas to focus on for risk reduction. The authors are from Damanhour University, Beni-Suef University and Fayoum University in Egypt.

Patient selection: outpatient pediatric patient


Types of medications errors seen in outpatient prescriptions:

(1) lack of appropriate indication

(2) incorrect drug for indication

(3) drug duplication (same drug or class)

(4) dosage error

(5) inappropriate dosage form

(6) look alike drug

(7) inadequate information about route of administration

(8) failure to specify duration of treatment

(9) contraindications present

(10) drug interactions

(11) absence of storage information


Factors contributing to errors:

(1) missing essential information (age, weight, diagnosis)

(2) handwritten prescriptions

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