Medically unexplained dyspnea (MUD) refers to the sensation of dyspnea in a patient without a cardiopulmonary disease that can explain it.


Clinical features may include any of the following:

(1) a need to take deep inspirations

(2) feelings of the chest being compressed

(3) anxiety, restlessness or nervousness

(4) tingling sensation

in lips, face, fingers and/or toes


Clinical findings that are absent:

(1) wheezing

(2) cough

(3) expectoration

(4) palpitations

(5) edema


Negative workup with:

(1) normal cardiopulmonary examination

(2) normal ECG

(3) normal chest imaging studies

(4) normal spirometry

(5) normal arterial blood gas studies

(6) normal serum BNP


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