Are you evaluating the use of medical gases at a health care facility?

Is each medical gas cylinder, its connectors and label carefully inspected prior to use?

Are distinct valve systems used for each different medical gas?

Are the gas connection and the gas line reinspected after each time a new tank has been connected?

Is a patient receiving a medical gas carefully observed, especially after a gas cylinder has been changed?

Are cylinders secured and transported properly ?

Are cylinders protected from heat or open flame?

Are all medical gas lines in new construction or renovations tested prior to being placed in service?

Are medical gases purchased only from a reliable supplier?

Are the valve connectors and labels for each medical gas cylinder inspected on delivery?

Are nonmedical and medical gas cylinders kept in separate locations?

Are full and empty medical gas cylinders kept separate?

Is everyone handling a medical gas well-trained about medical gases, the cylinders, valve assemblies and gas lines?

Do workers stop and ask questions whenever an unexplained problem occurs with a medical gas cylinder?


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