The mean platelet volume (MPV) to lymphocyte ratio can be a prognostic indicator in inflammatory and malignant disorders.

Possible basis: Newly-released platelets are larger, so increased release raises the MPV. Lymphopenia can occur due to chemotherapy, malnutrition and other causes.



(1) mean platelet volume (MPV), normal range may vary (9.4 to 12.3 fL; 7.2 to 11.7 fL, other)

(2) absolute lymphocyte count in 10^3 per microliter


MPV to lymphocyte ratio =

= (mean platelet volume in femtoliters) / (absolute lymphocyte count)



A ratio >=4.42 can be seen in acute appendicitis and >= 8.08 in perforated appendicitis (Bozlu et al), with a normal range 3.69 +/- 2.33.

A ratio >= 3.61 is associated with higher mortality in non-metastatic renal cell carcinoma (Zyczkowski et al).

Trending the ratio over time may be able to detect an increase from baseline.

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