Marshall Smith Syndrome is rare genetic disorder that is allelic to the Malan Syndrome (Sotos Syndrome 2).

Chromosome locus: 19p13.13

Gene: NFIX (nuclear factor I X; encodes a transcription factor involved in brain development)

Mechanism: splice site or frameshift variants


Inheritance: autosomal dominant


Clinical manifestations:

(1) absence of macrocephaly

(2) relative failure to thrive with growth parameters below the 3rd percentile postnatally

(3) accelerated skeletal maturation with dysostosis in the lower extremities

(4) facial features: proptosis (shallow orbits), underdeveloped midface, small chin, prominent forehead, depressed nasal bridge with anteverted nares, everted lower lip, blue sclera, retrognathia/micrognathia

(5) scoliosis

(6) variable hypertrichosis

(7) osteopenia with multiple fractures

(8) intellectual disability

(9) respiratory problems with upper airway obstruction

(10) feeding problems

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