A patient with yeast-related denture sore mouth can be managed by addressing the contributory factors.

Type of Denture



1 to 10 dilution of fresh bleach


chlorhexidine solution



• Bleach will discolor and corrode metal, especially after prolonged exposure.


Most patients will respond to oral therapy with an antifungal agent effective against the isolate delivered as a lozenge, gel, pastille or similar preparation.


Resistant cases may require systemic therapy or oral fluconazole.


Risk Factors

Preventive Measure

wearing the dentures for long periods, including overnight

take out the dentures before retiring

poor oral hygiene

improve oral hygiene

poor denture care

clean dentures regularly


encourage hydration and address the cause of the dry mouth

high carbohydrate diet

reduce carbohydrates in the diet

ill-fitting dentures

adjust dentures for better fit


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