The tracheobronchial tree can be injured by blunt or penetrating injury. Some injuries can be managed conservatively, while others require operative repair.


Criteria for conservative (nonoperative) management – all of the following:

(1) small tracheobronchial laceration(s)

(2) injury involves less than one third of the circumference of the airway

(3) the edges of the injury are well-opposed

(4) there is no tissue loss

(5) there are no other associated injuries

(6) positive pressure ventilation is not required


Management if conservative approach:

(1) humidify air

(2) voice rest

(3) frequent suctioning

(4) prophylactic antibiotics

(5) proton pump inhibitor

(6) close observation, with follow-up bronchoscopy


If one or more of the criteria are not met, then operative repair is indicated, which involves:

(1) debriding damaged tissue and evacuate any hematoma

(2) end-to-end anastomosis, tension free and with preservation of blood supply

(3) continuous running sutures using monofilament sutures, with knots on the outside


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