A machete is a very long, heavy knife with a broad blade, a sharp cutting edge along one side and a variable tip. It is a utilitarian tool for use on a farm or in a jungle. It can also be used as a terrifying weapon.


Acute injuries:

(1) slashing cuts (see next)

(2) stab wounds

(3) linear bruise (when hit with the dull edge)

(4) broad bruise (when hit with the side of the blade)

(5) crush injuries and fracture


Slashing cuts include:

(1) partial or complete decapitation

(2) partial or complete amputation of a hand, foot or limb

(3) partial or complete amputation, including finger(s), toe(s), nose and ear

(4) joint and tendon injuries

(5) defensive wounds to arm or hand

(6) deep cuts



(1) hemorrhagic shock with multi-organ failure (MOF)

(2) wound infection with or without gangrene

(3) tetanus

(4) nerve palsy or paralysis

(5) joint stiffness

(6) arterial pseudoaneurysm

(7) transfusion-related (if there are problems with the blood supply)

(8) concussion or stroke

(9) pneumothorax


The severity of the complications may depend on how soon the victim is brought to a hospital. Medical care may be delayed in many developing countries, either intentionally or because of limited availability.


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