The Lynfield Obsessional-Compulsive questionnaires measure symptoms in obsessional disorders. They are derived from the Leyton Obsessional Inventory, which had the disadvantage of taking a relatively long time to administer. The questionnaires can be used to monitor response to treatments.


There are 2 questionnaires which use the same questions, but differ in the responses. These are designed to measure either the resistance of the patient to the symptoms, or the interference with other activities that the symptoms cause.


Questions: 20


Responses for Each Question

Resistance Format

Interference Format


No, not at all.

No, not at all.


Yes, but only to a reasonable degree

Yes, but I don't waste time over it.


Yes, it's just a habit.

Yes, and I do waste a little time over it.


Yes, and I sometimes try to stop it.

Yes, and I waste more than a little time over it.


Yes, and I always try very hard to stop it.

Yes, and it wastes a great deal of my time.




• minimum score 0

• maximum score 80


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