Lymphorrhea refers to cutaneous leakage of lymph.


Clinical findings:

(1) cutaneous leakage of a whitish fluid from a body region with lymphedema

(2) often the presence a lymphocele or lymphocutaneous fistula


Laboratory findings:

(1) fluid shows chylomicrons and high triglycerides

(2) absence of pus with negative Gram stain


Differential diagnosis:

(1) pus

(2) cutaneous leakage of edema fluid


Risk factors:

(1) postoperative or posttraumatic

(2) filariasis


Therapeutic interventions may include:

(1) negative pressure wound care

(2) lymphangiography

(3) ocreotide or somatostatin therapy

(4) radiation therapy

(5) microsurgery

(6) sclerotherapy (with bleomycin or other chemical agent)


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