A lymph node involved by malignant lymphoma may rarely become infarcted.


Infarction is most often described in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) and follicular lymphoma (FL) but may occur in Hodgkin's disease or other types of malignant lymphoma.


Diagnosis of infarction associated with a malignant lymphoma:

(1) Presence of lymph node infarction.

(2) Evidence of malignant lymphoma.

(3) Exclusion of other causes of lymph node infarction (infection, thrombosis, trauma, etc).


The diagnosis of malignant lymphoma may involve:

(1) biopsy of another lymph node

(2) any non-infarcted tissue in the lymph node

(3) immunohistochemical markers (provided false positive and false negative results can be avoided)

(4) evidence of diagnostic genetic mutations


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