Common baldness (alopecia) is influenced by effects of androgens and familial predisposition ("andro-genetic"). Androgenetic alopecia in the female usually shows a different pattern from male pattern baldness. This degree of hair loss may range from minimal to marked.

Features of Female Pattern Baldness


perceptible thinning of hair on the crown

thinning limited in the front by a line situated 1-3 cm behind the frontal hair line (fringe or band)


similar to Grade I, but more pronounced rarefaction of the hair on the crown


similar to Grades I and II, with total denudation of hair



Male type baldness may occur rarely in women and is graded the same way as in men (see below). It may show:

(1) regression of the frontal hair line

(2) frontotemporal hair loss

(3) loss of the frontal band of preserved hair.


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