Most implants of endometriosis are located in the female genital tract (uterine serosa, fallopian tubes, ovaries). However, endometriosis may occur in extragenital sites.


Common extragenital locations where endometriosis has been described:

(1) umbilicus

(2) rectosigmoid colon

(3) rectovaginal wall

(4) urinary bladder

(5) ureter

(6) abdominal or pelvic scars

(7) appendix


Less frequent locations:

(1) ileum or jejunum

(2) cecum

(3) kidney

(4) urethra

(5) inguinal region

(6) thigh

(7) lung

(8) pleura

(9) Meckel's diverticulum

(10) vulva

(11) perineum


The rarest location is in men, who usually have involvement of the urinary bladder.


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