Some patients have a small accessory spleen, which typically is an incidental finding. Rarely finding an accessory spleen may be clinically important.


Locations for an accessory spleen:

(1) hilus of the spleen

(2) splenic pedicle

(3) gastro-splenic ligament

(4) retroperitoneum near the head of the pancreas

(5) greater omentum

(6) splenocolic ligament

(7) large bowel mesentery

(8) small bowel mesentery

(9) left ovary or adnexa (in a female)

(10) left scrotum (in a male)


Most accessory spleens are found close to the splenic hilus and pedicle.


If more than 1 accessory spleen is present:

(1) normally there are only 2

(2) one of the accessory spleens is usually located at the hilum


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