Bishnoi et al reported the Lichen Planus Activity Area and Severity Index (LPAASI) for evaluating a patient with lichen planus. The index has several subscores, which are subsequently combined. The authors are from the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh, India.

Patient selection: lichen planus



(1) Lichen Planus Disease Activity Index, from -2 to 4

(2) Lichen Planus Area and Severity Index (LPASI), from 0 to 750

(3) nail severity, from 0 to 5, designated N0 to N5


final LPAASI =

= (LPASI) + (activity index) + N



• minimum score: 0 + N0

• maximum score: 754 + N5

• The score can be followed over time to monitor the patient's status and response to interventions.

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