Adolf Wallenberg described the syndrome that bears his name. It is one of the more common syndromes associated with disorders of the posterior circulation.

Brain affected: lateral segment of the medulla posterior to the inferior olivary nucleus


Affected vessel: posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA)


General signs and symptoms:

(1) vertigo

(2) nystagmus

(3) diplopia

(4) facial ruddiness

(5) dry facial skin

(6) dysphonia

(7) dysphagia

(8) dysarthria/hoarseness


Ipsilateral signs and symptoms:

(1) ipsilateral Horner syndrome

(2) ipsilateral loss of gag reflex

(3) ipsilateral ataxia

(4) ipsilateral impaired taste

(5) ipsilateral facial pain

(6) ipsilateral facial paresthesia

(7) decreased ipsilateral blink reflex

(8) ipsilateral facial hypoalgesia

(9) ipsilateral facial thermoanesthesia


Contralateral signs and symptoms:

(1) contralateral hypoalgesia in the trunk and limbs

(2) contralateral thermoanesthesia in the trunk and limbs

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