Lard is fat from a pig. Beef sallow (suet) is fat from a cow.

Calories per tablespoon of processed lard: 113


Various terms refer to:

(1) location in animal

(2) processing


Location in order of preference:

(1) from around the kidneys: leaf, soft lard

(2) from the back (loins): fat back, hard lard

(3) from the small intestines (mesentery)

(4) other site or unspecified


Processing terms:

(1) unrendered: not melted down or filtered

(2) rendered: melted

(3) filtered

(4) processed: bleached, hydrogenated, addition of preservatives


Salo is a Slavic food consisting of cured pork fat.


Bacon is traditionally pork belly (abdominal wall) or back that has been cured.


Hydrogenated lard is solid at room temperatures and does need to be refrigerated but contains trans-fats. Unhydrogenated lard needs to be refrigerated.

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