Lagochilascariasis is a rare helminthic infection caused by a nematode that is found in tropical and subtropical regions of Central and South America.

Species: Lagochilascariasis minor

Eggs: 50-90 microns with thick shells and a coarse, pitted surface


Host: wild felines


Infection occurs when a person ingests raw or undercooked feline meat that contains L3 larvae.


Autoinfection can occur once the host is infected.


The main clinical finding is a nodular lesion in the head and neck region, including:

(1) cervical region

(2) mastoid

(3) middle ear

(4) pharynx

(5) brain


A nodule may show a cutaneous fistula tract from which worms may be discharged.


The eosinophil count is often normal.


Relapse can occur if therapy is stopped as soon as nodules disappear. A patient should be treated for at least one month after a cliinical cure has been achieved.

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