Koro ("to shrink") is a psychiatric condition first described in Southeast Asia and thought limited to its cultures. It has been described in other regions of the world.


Synonym: genital retraction syndrome, sukyeong

See also: semen loss syndrome


Features of Koro:

(1) It is more common in males but can also occur in women.

(2) The person believes that the pelvic genitals are retracting into the abdomen.

(3) This is associated with physical weakness and fatigue.

(4) The patient may experience anxiety, depression and/or dissociation.

(5) The person is often afraid that that he or she will die once the genitals have disappeared.

(6) The person may take steps to mechanically prevent the genitals from retracting.

(7) It can affect a group of people at the same time.

(8) It tends to have a self-limited course.


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