Koebner first reported the skin condition that bears his name in 1876. It was initially described in patients with psoriasis vulgaris but is now known to occur with a wide range of conditions.


Synonym: isomorphic phenomenon


Features of Koebner phenomenon:

(1) presence of an underlying immunologic disorder that affects the skin

(2) occurrence of some form of trauma to skin uninvolved by the immunologic disorder

(3) development of a skin lesion associated with the underlying immunologic disorder at the site of the skin trauma


The new skin lesion tends to conform to the outline of the traumatized area.


Conditions in which the Koebner phenomenon may occur include:

(1) psoriasis

(2) discoid lupus erythematosus

(3) Henoch-Schoenlein purpura

(4) sarcoidosis

(5) Leishmaniasis

(6) lichen planus

(7) vitiligo

(8) Darier disease


Traumatic events may include:

(1) blunt or penetrating trauma

(2) surgical scar

(3) burn scar

(4) tattoo

(5) drug injection site

(6) excoriation

(7) Herpes zoster scar


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