Killing execution-style refers to a constellation of findings seen at the scene of a murder.


Features of execution-style homicide:

(1) The victim is often helpless to defend him/herself or is unable to escape. The victim may be bound.

(2) The murderer kills the person as efficiently and methodically as possible.

(3) The murder is typically done in cold blood (not done in a frenzy, panic or fit of rage).

(4) Usually there is no overkill or mutilation.


Methods used:

(1) shooting, typically to the back of the head or the heart

(2) slitting the throat of the victim


Situations where execution-style killing may be used:

(1) government sanctioned executions

(2) mass executions, including genocides

(3) killing of hostages

(4) following torture, when the prisoner is no longer of use


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