The ratio of small bowel length to body weight can help identify an adult who will be dependent on total parenteral nutrition (TPN) following a significant resection of small bowel.

Patient features:

(1) small bowel length <= 50 cm

(2) small bowel in continuity with colon

(3) body weight 50-75 kg.


Evaluation was done after optimizing oral nutritional therapy.



(1) length of jejunum-ileum in cm

(2) body weight in kilograms


jejunal-ileal length to body weight ratio =

= (jejunal-ileal length in cm) / (body weight in kg)



• The longer the length of the residual small bowel and the lower the body weight the more likely that the patient can be independent of TPN.

• The higher the ratio the less likely that the patient will be TPN dependent.



Percent TPN Dependent with Optimized Care

< 0.25


0.25 - 0.50


0.51 - 0.99


>= 1.0

very low


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