Jankowska et al evaluated a patient’s iron status using 2 measures. The authors are from the European Society of Cardiology.



(1) serum hepcidin

(2) serum soluble transferrin receptor (sTfR)




serum hepcidin

< 14.5 ng/mL

depleted iron stores

serum soluble transferrin receptor

> 1.59 mg/L

unmet cellular iron requirements



• The serum hepcidin level was the 5 th percentile for a healthy population.

• The serum sTfR was the 95 th percentile for a healthy population.


The presence of both indicates iron deficiency.


A low serum ferritin supports the diagnosis of iron deficiency but ferritin may be affected as an acute phase reactant.


Anemia of chronic disease may impact the reliability of serum hepcidin levels as a measure of iron stores.


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