A person who dies in a sauna may have a number of contributory factors. These are often influenced by the person's culture.

Features of sauna use in Korea:

(1) a sauna in Korea is known as a jjimjilbang.

(2) a sauna is often used as a cure for a hangover and after heavy alcohol use

(3) a sauna is often used to relax or to reduce fatigue, which can result in the person falling asleep


Factors that may contribute to death:

(1) underlying cardiovascular disease

(2) using the sauna alone, at least initially

(3) alcohol intoxication


Features of sauna deaths in intoxicated individuals:

(1) male sex (OR 17.4)

(2) prone positioning (OR 11.3)

(3) presumption of falling asleep


In addition, medications could affect the patient's ability to respond to induced hyperthermia.

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