Intussusception of the appendix (intussusception of the vermiform appendix or IVA) is rare and the diagnosis is easily missed.


Most cases occur in infants and children but it can occur at any age.


It tends to occur if there is an intrinsic disorder in the appendix such as:

(1) endometriosis

(2) lipoma

(3) mucocele

(4) adenoma

(5) cystic fibrosis

(6) inflammatory polyp (Crohn's disease, other)

(7) fecalith

(8) carcinoid tumor

It is therefore important to examine the resected specimen carefully.


The patient may present with

(1) periumbilical or right lower quadrant pain

(2) nausea and vomiting

(3) fever


The lesion may be mistaken for a cecal adenoma or tumor on imaging studies or colonoscopy. The intraluminal pressure associated with barium enema or colonoscopy may reduce the intussusception.


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