Intravenous infusion of regular crystalline insulin may be indicated for a hospitalized patient under certain circumstances.


Indications for using an intravenous infusion of regular insulin in a hospitalized nonpregnant adult with hyperglycemia:

(1) diabetic ketoacidosis

(2) nonketotic hyperosmolar state

(3) perioperative management

(4) postoperative management after heart surgery

(5) postoperative management after organ transplantation

(6) cardiogenic shock

(7) hyperglycemia associated with high-dose therapy with glucocorticoids or other medication

(8) nothing-by-mouth (NPO) status for a Type 1 diabetic

(9) critical care

(10) as part of strategy to determine the appropriate insulin dose for a hospitalized diabetic with newly diagnosed diabetes or with a significant change in metabolic status


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