In-line skating may be associated with a variety of serious injuries. The risk of injury can be reduced by use of protective equipment and careful participation.


Typical fall scenario:

(a) young novice or beginner

(b) little or no safety gear

(c) spontaneous loss of balance or fall after striking a road defect or debris

(d) fall with outstretched arms


Protective gear:

(1) wrist guards

(2) elbow pads

(3) knee pads

(4) helmets

(5) reflective clothing at dusk or night


Skate selection and maintenance:

(1) proper braking devices, preferably automatic

(2) proper maintenance


Skater preparation:

(1) training and orientation for novice or beginner

(2) avoidance of high risk behaviors and stunts

(3) not using drugs or alcohol


Site selection:

(1) even surface without debris, holes, gratings or drains

(2) avoidance of roadways

(3) avoidance of slippery surfaces from water and/or ice

(4) avoiding concrete or metal stairways

(5) avoiding going along the edge of a drop-off

(6) good visibility without blind spots


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