Arm wrestling can be associated with a number of upper extremity injuries that are caused by the intense forces involved.


Common injuries associated with arm wrestling:

(1) spiral fracture of the humeral shaft

(2) fracture of the distal humerus with separation of the medial epicondyle, especially in a young person prior to closure of the epiphyseal plate


Other injuries may include

(3) damage to the joints in the shoulder

(4) muscle tear

(5) wrist fracture


Complications include paresis of the radial nerve.


Many injuries occur when both opponents are at maximal exertion. According to Ogawa and Ui a common sequence involves:

(1) a sudden shift in body weight by one oppenent with a counterattack by the opponent

(2) the shoulder muscle suddenly change from maximum concentric contraction to eccentric contraction

(3) this results in an intense rotational force sufficient to damage bone


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