A tire is often under high pressure. If a damaged tire can explode, causing injury to anyone nearby. Problems arise if the victim is assumed to have minor injuries and is not thoroughly examined.


Causes of injury:

(1) overpressure from the explosion

(2) flying debris (metal, rubber, oil, ground debris)


Types of injuries that can occur:

(1) eye injury

(2) hearing loss

(3) barotrauma

(4) fall injury (after being lifted off the ground)

(5) impalement

(6) trauma from flying debris

(7) fracture


Risk factors for injury:

(1) large tire

(2) high pressure in the tire

(3) close proximity to the tire

(4) nothing protective in between

(5) anticoagulation or bleeding disorder

(6) osteoporosis


Mechanics are at increased risk for injury when they work on damaged tires.


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