Harvey et al listed a number of screening criteria for evaluating a patient who presents with Morgellons Disease. The authors are clincians from the United States and England.


Patient selection: claim of having Morgellons Disease


Exclusions: (1) organic brain syndrome, (2) delusions associated with substance withdrawal states


Screening features:

(1) The patient is an adult with symptoms for > 6 months.

(2) The patient is convinced of a chronic parasitic infestation.

(3) The patient complains of either:

(3a) abnormal dermal sensations and/or

(3b) fibers or filaments being extruded from the body

(4) chronic pruritis for >= 6 months

(5) >= 2 chronic, unhealed skin lesions

(6) The patient’s life has been significantly altered by the condition.

(7) The patient had a healthy period at some point in his or her life prior to the onset.



• The skin lesions may be suspected as being excoriations.

• A past diagnosis of delusions of parasitosis or bipolar disease would not exclude the patient.


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