A number of infections may be associated with livedo reticularis.


Reasons for livedo in a patient with an infection:

(1) physiologic changes including hypothermia

(2) thromboemboli including DIC

(3) vasculitis

(4) cold agglutinins

(5) drug-induced


Infections associated with livedo reticularis:

(1) endocarditis

(2) Mycoplasma pneumonia

(3) parvovirus B19

(4) Q fever (Coxiella burnetti)

(5) rheumatic fever

(6) syphilis

(7) tuberculosis

(8) viral hepatitis C

(9) viral infection, NOS


Septic conditions associated with livedo:

(1) meningococcemia

(2) streptococcemia

(3) Rickettsia infections including typhus fever

(4) other


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