A chronic lymphocytic leukemia consisting of mantle cells may follow a slow, indolent course. Aggressive management may do more harm than good for these patients.



(1) chronic lymphocytosis with cells marking with CD5, CD19 and CD20

(2) cytogenetics shows a simple karyotype with t(11;14)(q13;q32), resulting in an overproduction of cyclin D1

(3) usually a kappa light chain restriction (mantle cell lymphoma often shows lambda light chain restriction)

(4) little or no lymphadenopathy, no splenomegaly and no overt gastrointestinal involvement

(5) bone marrow shows a low level interstitial infiltrate of single lymphocytes or small aggregates

(6) clinically asymptomatic


Additional features:

(1) normal to minimally elevated serum LDH

(2) lack of SOX11 expression (a nuclear transcription factor)


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