A patient in a nursing home or other long-term care facility (LTCF) should be transferred to an acute care facility if certain indications are presesnt. Transfer should occur to an acute care facility capable of meeting the patient's needs.


Indications to transfer a nursing home patient to an acute care facility:

(1) The patient is clinically unstable AND a medical intervention is necessary AND aggressive management is compatible with the patient's and family's wishes.

(2) A critical test is needed for diagnosis AND the test is not available at the LTCF.

(3) An essential therapy is not available at the LTCF.

(4) The type or intensity of management is beyond the capabilities of the LTCF.

(5) The LTCF is unable to provide adequate comfort measures.

(6) The patient has a communicable disease AND required isolation cannot be provided at the LTCF.


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