Yoo et al listed a number of indications for measuring plasma levels of plant sterols. The author is from CHA University in Seongnam, Korea.

Indications for measuring plant sterols in the plasma:

(1) normocholesterolemic xanthomas

(2) hypercholesterolemia with poor response to statins (which inhibit HMG-CoA reductase)

(3) hypercholesterolemia with dramatic response to a low cholesterol diet, bile acid sequestration or inhibitors of cholesterol absorption

(3a) decrease in plasma cholesterol

(3b) regression of xanthomas

(4) unexplained hemolytic anemia with macrothrombocytopenia


Additional indications might include:

(1) monitoring therapy in a patient with sitosterolemia

(2) unexplained premature coronary artery disease in a pediatric patient or young adult

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