Angiography should be considered in a patient with pelvic trauma if certain findings are present.


Patient selection: pelvic trauma



(1) based on pattern of blood loss

(2) objective evidence of a large pelvic hematoma

(3) findings on imaging studies


Pattern of blood loss:

(1) obvious and rapid blood loss, requiring transfusion of > 4 units of blood within 24 hours

(2) intermittent or slow blood loss, requiring transfusion of > 6 units of blood within 48 hours

(3) hemodynamic instability and other evidence for significant blood loss, with a negative examination (peritoneal lavage, FAST) of intra-abdominal hemorrhage


Objective evidence:

(1) large and/or expanding pelvic hematoma found during laparotomy


Imaging Studies:

(1) large pelvic hematoma on CT scan or other imaging study

(2) intra-pelvic pseudoaneurysm found on helical CT


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