While the introduction of recombinant granulocyte colony stimulating factor (Neupogen) has greatly reduced the need for use of granulocyte products, occasionally certain patients may benefit from their use.



(1) appropriate condition

(1a) neutropenia with WBC count < 500 per µL

(1a1) The neutropenia is due to myeloid hypoplasia.

(1a2) There is a reasonable chance for recovery of bone marrow function.

(1b) Some physicians include documented granulocytic dysfunction such as chronic granulomatous disease.

(2) evidence of bacterial infection

(2a) Fever for 24-48 hours, unresponsive to appropriate antibiotic therapy

(2b) Bacterial sepsis unresponsive to antibiotics or other modes of therapy



(1) prophylactic administration

(2) localized infection

(3) infections due to organisms other than bacteria



(1) The product should be irradiated to avoid risk of graft-versus-host reaction.

(2) Donors should be CMV-seronegative to avoid CMV infection in the recipient.

(3) The product should not be transfused through a leukocyte reduction filter.


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