Some patients receiving antibiotics in the home or as an outpatient may benefit from the use of an infusion pump. Although the use of an infusion pump can be expensive, it may be cost-effective when considering the alternatives.


Indications for the use of an infusion pump to deliver antibiotics:

(1) Drug administration is either frequent (every 6 hours or more often) or involves a continuous intravenous infusion.

(2) Both the patient and any caregiver is unwilling or unable to learn the necessary techniques to perform the injections.

(3) There is no support person at home.

(4) The patient has impaired manual dexterity or impaired cognitive function.

(5) The patient has an aversion to needles.

(6) The patient is immunologically compromised, and there is a need to minimize manipulation of the intravenous cannula.


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