A skin camouflage product is intended to make a disfiguring skin lesion disappear. The patient should have a complete assessment prior to the use of camouflage and should be trained in its use.


Elements of a skin camouflage product:

(1) foundation, which is available in multiple shades to match skin color

(2) finishing or fixing powder


Skin camouflage may be used to mask:

(1) scar, especially a keloid or hypertrophic scar

(2) vitiligo or other variation in skin pigmentation

(3) port wine spot or other birthmark

(4) tattoo

(5) markings for or from radiation therapy

(6) acne, rosacea or other inflammatory eruption (if not contraindicated)

(7) benign, shallow ulcer


A skin camouflage product may be of limited use or contraindicated in:

(1) skin defect better managed with surgery and/or laser

(2) skin tumor (if used to delay medical treatment)


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