Many facial lacerations can be repaired in the Emergency Room or by a general surgeon. The presence of one or more findings may indicate the need for the repair to be performed by a specialist (ophthamologic, oral or ENT) surgeon.


Lacerations involving "special" areas requiring great care:

(1) possible injury to the facial nerve

(2) injury to the parotid duct

(3) injury to the lips, with

(3a) laceration involving the junction between the vermilion surface and adjacent skin

(3b) tissue loss or

(3c) a full thickness laceration of the lip

(4) laceration of the intraoral mucosa

(5) injury to the lacrimal apparatus

(6) injury to the eyelid

(7) laceration involving the cartilage of the ear

(8) laceration involving the cartilage of the nose


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