Performing liver function tests on a patient prior to surgery is only necessary if the patient has a condition that is associated with liver disease or if perioperative management would be significantly affected by the presence of liver disease.


Indications for measuring a patient's liver function tests prior to surgery:

(1) history of significant liver disease

(2) history of ethanol abuse

(3) history of hepatitis or jaundice

(4) history of contact with someone with hepatitis during the past 6 months

(5) significant weight change (gain or loss) in the past year

(6) prolonged bleeding from cuts or easy bruisability

(7) vomiting of blood or coffee-grounds like material

(8) change in bowel habits or a change in stool color

(9) history of therapy with a drug having a significant risk of liver injury

(10) obesity, diabetes and other risk factors for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

(11) presence of ascites


A patient with none of these findings probably does not need liver function tests measured prior to surgery,


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