Glucose should be measured in a patient prior to surgery if certain conditions are present. Hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia may be associated with a number of perioperative complications.


Indications for measuring blood glucose prior to surgery:

(1) age > 75 years

(2) body mass index > 33 kg per square meter

(3) history of diabetes

(4) history or symptoms of hypoglycemia

(5) presence of hoarseness for more than 4 weeks during the past 2 years

(6) presence of unexplained polyuria or nocturia

(7) therapy with corticosteroids

(8) presence of central nervous system disorder

(9) probable interruption of the blood supply to the brain during surgery


If none of these conditions are present then blood glucose does not need to be measured prior to surgery.


If an abnormal blood glucose is found, then glucose monitoring may be necessary during and following surgery.


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