Routine cardiac exercise stress testing is usually not indicated for most asymptomatic adults participating in mild to moderate exercise or sports. Stress testing may be warranted if an intense exercise program is planned, if the patient has risk factors for coronary artery disease, or if the patient plans an outdoor trip to remote locations.


Asymptomatic adults who wish to begin a vigorous exercise program (60-80% of maximum oxygen uptake, 70-90% of maximum heart rate):

(1) men over 40 years of age

(2) women over 50 years of age

(3) especially if healthy but deconditioned

(4) Exercise testing is not needed in the asymptomatic adult without risk factors performing moderate exercise (40-60% of maximum oxygen uptake, 50-70% maximum heart rate).


Adults over 40 years of age with 2 or more risk factors for coronary artery disease:

(1) smoking

(2) hypertension

(3) diabetes

(4) serum cholesterol > 240 mg/dL

(5) strong family history

(6) abnormal resting cardiogram


Active patients over 50 years of age who plan to go on a long remote trek or climb.


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