Recovery of blood with reinfusion may be appropriate when certain indications are present.


Assumption: Resources for proper collection and processing of blood are available and that the blood collected is not unusable.


Indications for blood recovery and autotransfusion:

(1) large anticipated blood loss

(2) predictable transfusion requirements

(3) no other source of blood available


Large anticipated blood loss:

(1) for adult: >= 20% of the patient's estimated blood volume

(2) for child: >= 15% of the patient's estimated blood volume


Predictable transfusion requirements:

(1) Procedure for which blood is routinely crossmatched

(2) Procedure for which > 20% of patients require transfusion.

(3) Procedure for which the mean transfusion requirement exceeds 2 units.



• I did not include the first of these in the implementation, since it seems redundant with the other 2.


Lack of available blood:

(1) Patient with multiple alloantibodies or rare blood type, for whom it is difficult to obtain compatible blood.

(2) Lack of available blood for other reason (emergency, lack of reserves, etc.)

(3) Person with religious belief allowing autotransfusion but not allotransfusion.


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