A screening pelvic examination is not recommended for many adolescent or young adult women.

In general, a pelvic examination is not necessary for an asymptomatic, nonpregnant woman who is not at increased risk for a specific gynecologic condition.


Cervical cancer screening with Pap test is recommended to start at 21 years of age (regardless of sexual behaviors or risk factors).


Screening for sexually-transmitted infections can be performed by nucleic acid amplification tests on first-pass urine or self-collected vaginal swab.


A pelvic exam is indicated:

(1) medical history

(2) based on symptoms

(3) shared decision with the patient

(4) intrauterine conceptive device (IUD)


A woman with any of the following need to be evaluated:

(1) history of cervical dysplasia

(2) history of gynecologic malignancy

(3) in utero diethylstilbesterol exposure

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