Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) that has been thawed but not used within its 24 hour expiration period can be relabeled as Thawed Plasma (TP). This product can be stored at 1-6°C for up to 5 days from the time it was thawed. Thawed Plasma is a way to reduce wastage of unused blood products and costs without impacting patient care.


Most proteins in the frozen plasma are relatively stable. Coagulation factors that may decrease by 25 to 50% over a 5 days storage period include:

(1) Factor 5

(2) Factor 7

(3) Factor 8


Indications for use of TP:

(1) initial management of trauma or emergency patients

(2) rapid reversal of warfarin-associated coagulopathy

(3) deficiency in multiple coagulation factors


Contraindications for use of TP:

(1) acute disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)

(2) isolated deficiency of a coagulation factor

(3) problem with the thawed plasma product related to storage, contamination, etc


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