Chemotherapy with benzimidazoles is an important part of the treatment regimen for patients with cystic echinococcosis.


Benzimidazoles commonly used:

(1) mebendazole (MBZ, Vermox)

(2) albendazole (ABZ, Eskazole)



(1) adjunctive therapy for surgery and PAIR therapy (reduce intracystic pressure, reduce risk of secondary spread, reduce recurrence)

(2) favorable cysts (liver, lung, multiple cysts in 2 or more organs, peritoneal cysts)


Contraindications for chemotherapy:

(1) pregnancy, especially during the first 3 months (risk of teratogenicity)

(2) allergy

(3) chronic liver disease

(4) bone marrow depression


Contraindications for chemotherapy as sole treatment agent:

(1) large and superficial cyst at risk for rupture (surgery indicated)

(2) infected cyst (surgery indicated)

(3) cyst in bone (less susceptible)

(4) noncompliance with chemotherapy


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