Incaprettamento is a ritual form of murder that was used by the Mafia. It is intended to show contempt for someone who has betrayed the organization.


“Incaprettamento” is based on the combination of “incaprettare” (to bind up the legs of a young goat) and “mento”.


This consists of hog-tying and placing a noose:

(1) the victim is placed in a prone position

(2) a noose or slip knot is placed around the neck with the free end facing posteriorly

(3) the hands and arms are tightly bound behind the back

(4) the feet are bound then flexed maximally behind the back

(5) the rope around the neck is tied around the ankles so that any attempted to straighten out the knees strangles the victim


It may be placed antemortem as a means to slowly strangle the victim.


It may also be placed postmortem to send a message to others. In this situation there is another cause for death and an absence of ligature or strangulation abrasions.


Sometimes the person bound while alive then stabbed or shot.


Examples can be seen in some of the murders performed by Murder, Inc during the 1930s.


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