The Importance of Dental Behaviors questionnaire can help to separate patients based on how well they understand the behaviors required to maintain good dental hygiene. A person who does not understand good dental behaviors may benefit from educational interventions and closer dental monitoring.

Questions - How important is to you?

(1) to brush your teeth or dentures for a healthy mouth?

(2) to floss your teeth for a healthy mouth?

(3) to get good nutrition for good oral health?

(4) to get dental checkups even when there is nothing wrong?

(5) to improve your looks by having healthy teeth and gums?

(6) to learn about proper care for your mouth?


Additional question if the patient has complete dentures:

(7) to get regular dental checkups for a healthy mouth?


Additional questions if the patient has any natural teeth:

(8) to keep your natural teeth?

(9) to have your teeth cleaned by a dentist or hygienist for a healthy mouth?

(10) that sweet foods might decay your teeth?




not at all important


slightly important


somewhat important




very important



total score =

= SUM(points for all questions that apply)


percent of ideal response =

= ((total score for patient) - 5) / ((maximum number of points) – 5) * 100



• minimum total score is 7 if no natural teeth and 9 if any natural teeth are present

• maximum total score is 35 if no natural teeth and 45 if any natural teeth are present

• The higher the total score, the better the person's understanding of behaviors required to maintain oral health.


NOTE: Representing the response as a percent of ideal is not included in the reference.  

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