Smoking impacts both Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). A patient with an inflammatory bowel disease who smokes needs to take these effects into account.



Crohn's Disease

Ulcerative Colitis


increases disease activity and exacerbations

decreases disease activity; protects

smoking cessation

decreases disease activity

increases disease activity

impact of smoking cessation on relapse rate

decreases relapse rate

increases relapse rate

impact of smoking cessation on drug use

decreases medication use

increases medication use

impact of smoking cessation on surgery

may decrease the need for surgery

may increase the need for surgery


Smoking cessation is essential for any patient with inflammatory bowel disease.


The immediate and long-term benefits of smoking cessation are more obvious for Crohn's Disease.


A patient with ulcerative colitis may require additional support to stop smoking if it causes the disease to become worse.


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