Drug therapy can have a significant impact on a patient with epilepsy. Adjustments of drug therapy to improve seizure control and to minimize adverse drug effects can significantly improve the patient's quality of life (QOL).


Common adverse drug effects impacting the patient's quality of life:

(1) impaired energy, fatigue, lethargy and/or sluggishness

(2) sleepiness, insomnia and/or tiredness

(3) restrictions on social activities

(4) cognitive problems (memory problems, difficulty paying attention, slowness of thought, difficulty concentrating)


Additional factors affecting quality of life:

(1) inability to control seizures despite optimized drug therapy

(2) need for high doses and/or multiple drugs to control seizures

(3) weight gain

(4) dizziness or problems with balance that make walking difficult

(5) drug-induced depression or mood disorder

(6) headache

(7) problems involving hair, skin or mouth


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